iTMACJQn9Q3in1zlstKoRMXzeTeqtTSVPbkljMUY4Ok,-0sU_WlTW94g9sEQ3qOcQt592ZWNEt5csHBCM--6rXIAndy Mineo’s Sophomore album Uncomfortable will launch him from underrated to great. Uncomfortable takes you on a roller coaster ride of Spirit and Truth.Words that instantly come to mind after listening to Uncomfortable… Transparency, Truth, Lyrical, Greatness, Bounce, Legendary, the list could continue for days. Andy Mineo’s approach to this album was to take no hostages, and he should be arrested for lyrical homicide.

Hip-Hop artist often miss the mark when attempting to follow up a successful freshman campaign. “Uncomfortable” not only exceeds all expectations it destroys the barriers created by music genres. Andy is more than a rapper on his sophomore album, picture Vincent Van Gogh in his prime painting The Starry Night. Uncomfortable is simply a work of art!

andy“Uncomfortable” takes you on a roller coaster ride of Spirt and Truth. His relationship with God takes presence in his lyrics from top to bottom. His transparency on emotional tracks such as “Hear My Heart” and “Make Me A Believer” can cause the dust in the room to irritate your sinuses. Classic Andy meshed with the mellow soulful sounds of Mali Music make “Desperados” a potential chart topper. Andy takes you deep into his life on many tracks; celebrations, hurt, love, shortcomings. Uncomfortable is a personal window into Andy’s life.

I personally wouldn’t put Uncomfortable in the box of Christian HipHop or HipHop alone the sounds and experience of Andy Mineo’s Sophomore album elevate the standards in MUSIC as a whole. Defiantly a contender for album of the year at in all genres of music. The bar at 1•1•SIX has been officially risen.
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