So it has been a little less then 2 years since the Release of Minorville and I must say it was not a bad album at all,but lacked in some areas so with that being said let’s get to this review shall we.

1. Intro

That MR.Minor tends to come out with & he comes with straight Bar’s and on this track he just tends to set the record straight right out the Gate perfect set up for All Hail the King

2. All Hail the King (ft. Deraj & nobigdyl.)

I will be the first to say that this track will grow on you, as it has me. All Hail the King is a track that seems to point that God is in Control regardless, even when we are stuck in sin and have fallen off track. This is a record that point’s us to Jesus, the real one and only king, who has saved us from our own flesh and sin.

3.Empire (Ft Traneshia Truth Chiles)

Now let me say that this Record is not only a Hot one, But hold’s so much truth
I think Derek for this Record. Empire is a record that keeps it real and straight to the point, that no matter what we need to remember that God is Are rock and in him we have greatness and Grace no matter what issues we  face or problems we see or may be going throw he is are we are the Empire because well like the Record say’s. (And now you’ve given us a new beginning. You placed us high above and nothing’s bringing us down. This is our empire)

4. Who You Know

I must say this record is sick from the production to the energy that it brings to the table. This could easily be played in the club and catch people off guard LOL,but the substance this track has is differently on point, this Record questions the authenticity of believers asking who do you know! that lives the life God intended us to live and not care about what the world offer’s up and what people think  Ect. So the Question is asked Who you know…

5. Babel 1

A great melodic interlude about surrendering that plays out setting the tone for Kingdom come

6. Kingdom Come

A Record that talks about self Gain money, power, respect & self indulgences.
That ultimately leads to death it is a story that reminds us we can have it all but when we die it remains here on earth.

7. Slow Down (ft. Tony Tillman & Tedashii)

This Record has that Down south trap feel too it and is sure to turn head’s if played with a Banging  sound system Trust me I know. But lets get to the meat of this Record It’s a warning to slow down and take note of what you have and be thankful its a warning to the Luke warm Believer that is always going back and forth. But also talk’s to those that act hard and clam to live a life they don’t for approval …

8. Stranger

Stranger is a deep Record that talk’s about today’s issues and thing’s that have been going on as of late from black on black crime to the race war’s and the record cry’s out that we sould love one Another.

9.Last Forever (ft B. Cooper & Leah Smith)

Simply put nothing last forever because times & thing’s Change,but there is One God that truly want us to spend eternity with him Forever. We can sit and talk about everyday things in and out are life but one thing should only matter and that is to have victory in Christ and spend forever with him

10. Save Me (Ft J. Paul)

Simply put this tracks Screams that with everything that might be falling apart around & In-front of us whether it be riches or possessions People in life Etc. It reminds us that only God can save us. And we can’t save ourselves!

11. Babel 2

A simple interlude that Gives praise and credit God ,but also keeps it real with how we are as humans. Because we can ofter start out doing Gods well but abuse it for or own self gain.

12. Track is Fly (ft. Colton Dixon)

Now I have seen and heard people say that this Record don’t fit Derek’s Album
but I feel that it does and it haves a reason for being on here, this is A reminder that no matter what keep running the race to win and endue through all the pain,shame,& brokenness let go and trust that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles ( FLY )

13. Oceans (Ft Move Aside)

This Record haves a smooth so-cal type summer feel
that talks abut coming into a new season a refreshing although this is a different feel for MR. Minor it fits very nicely.

14. Right By My Side (feat. Chad Jones, Anthony Evans Jr.)

Now Right By My Side is a smooth Rap & R&B infused track that is simply perfect I will say GAWVI has produced a nice Hit with this Track. The Record says it all ‘What’s a castle without you in it? It ain’t nothing.’ a record that says what is a relationship without God in the center of it ?…. it would be nothing.

15. Party People (feat. Social Club)

OK lets be real Anything with the Misfit’s on the track is Amazing ,off the wall,or Nuts but in this case its a Certificated party track.Not a lot of Substance too it but it show’s the fun crazy side of MR.Minor none the less.

16. Until the End of Time (feat. Lecrae & Canon)

We come to the end of the Album with this Record Until the End of Time, it’s a strong Finish with Lecrae & Canon as guest Features, and this Record show’s the full 180 from the being of the Album to the End. The Record talk’s and say’s out loud to live for a purpose God’s Empire.

All in All this is a solid album and Derek’s best work to date
so I’m giving Derek Minor’s Empire 4 out of 5 Star’s

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