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There is so much in this album that it’s hard to know where to begin. Most people would say the beginning, but that’s not always the best place to start. Now to break it down I’m going to jump around the album, so if it seems I’m going out of order, I am. “Horror Flick” and “Running In Circles” describe life without Christ. The side “Horror Flick” takes is when you realize the reality of Hell, life becomes pointless without Christ. “Running In Circles” takes the side where life with Christ is only a pointless cycle that’s compared to running around in a maze. “Spiritual Mind” also touches on the subject, but takes the side where he asks you to trust Christ for yourself and describes his life without Christ and how he was changed by Christ. “Unworthy”, as the name suggests, is a confession saying we are unworthy of what Jesus did for us and we are the ones that deserve what He took for us. But at the end the song mentions the He saved us anyway and made us new. “Take My Life” is a plea to God asking Him to use us and make us worthy of His sacrifice. “Dead Man Walking” and “All Praise” takes the time to praise God for saving us from our old life. “SunDown”, like Spiritual Mind, is asking you to trust Jesus and letting you know He gives second chances. “Back to That Life” is a statement. I’ve been made new so I am never going back to that life. “Fiyah” talks about what happens when we are made new. We receive the Holy Spirit and He puts a fire for God in our being. “Atmosphere” and “Closer” stem off of Fiyah in the sense that the Holy Spirit is giving us the desire to dive deeper into our understanding of God and to draw closer to Him. “Snap out of it” is a statement as well. I am a new creation, so I need to fight my sin. “Back at it” is like the climax is a sense where we are at full all-out war against our sin. “Hold Me Down” is basically a warning. Nothing can stop us when we are in Christ, so don’t even try. “Unashamed” is self-explanatory, we are unashamed of the Gospel. “PYP (Play Your Position)” talks about how nobody who is in Christ is useless. We all have a part to play and like a band, each part builds off of each other or like a sports team, we strengthen each other.  “Enjoying Life” is also a statement. This one says that it’s possible to have fun and enjoy life without sinning. If you don’t believe him, just remember that line where he says “Lecrae on my iPod”. ‘nuff said. “Christ Must Increase II” states our job as believers. We must lower ourselves and lift Jesus up.  And finally we come to “King of Kings”. A song used to praise God for all He is and how no one is greater than Him. “ain’t no king high’ than the King of kings, Elohim.”
Over all, I’d say this was a very good album. I’d give it 4 out of 5. My personal favorites are “Closer”, “Snap out of it”, “Unashamed”, “Unworthy”, and “Fiyah”.

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