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Bryann,Trejo born in corpus Christi Texas ,1980, Bryan came from a broken home ,him and his twin brother Ryan ,,went into the street life searching for acceptance and love,which ended up leading into dangerous situations such as prison ,and every other consequence that comes with drugs ,thuggs,and sinful living ,, Bryan heard the gospel preached for the first time in 1999 , he then surrendered his life to christ,,but with no sense of real accountability and spiritual discipleship, he eventually went back to the vomit allowing the thorns of the world to choke out the word that was planted in him, Bryans brother Ryan was saved also in the year 2001 Ryan was then murdered in 2013 ,Ryan started a ministry called kingdom muzic,, after Ryan was murdered Bryan was devestated,and wanted revenge for his innocent brother, he then eventually had to choose between forgiveness or revenge,, Bryan chose forgiveness towards the murderers,of his twin brother. He then started to pick up where Ryan left off and now ministers through kingdom muzic ,testifying of God’s saving power preaching love and forgiveness ,through worship testimony fellowship and music, he has become a member of the dream center and has made abilene Texas his home ,Bryan is married and his wife Monica also ministers beside him , kingdom muzic ,,,,life Church , in Jesus name

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