pyrexx JailStatement from wife: PyRexx was detained by parole due to a blue warrant that was issued without his knowledge. When he showed up with JoJo to his monthly parole visit, he was surprised with this arrest. He has a misdemeanor assault case in San Antonio regarding one of the Sea World Haunted House employees that allegedly jumped too close to him causing him to push the teen girl in her face out of reflex. The court date is set for mid January and it is possible they will try to detain PyRexx until then. We are praying for a bond to be set so he can be released because his family needs his presence more than HCJ does. This just happened yesterday and it is something that I’m working on as I type. I will keep you posted as I receive info. Sorry you had to hear about it through the grapevine or on social media, it just hit me suddenly and my first priority was to find out specifics before spreading bad news. Please pray for his release.

To Support Pyrex: Spin #01997789 7G2 701 North San Jacinto Houston, Texas 77002

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‼️‼️‼️#FREEPYREXX ‼️‼️‼️ ITS A MOVEMENT COME ON LETS GO‼️??????????????????

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