Faith Pettis was born in East Palo Alto California. And was introduced to Christ at a young age. His mother was in church and father was still in the streets. He dealt with a battle in life wanting to be like his father. Living in a broken home with no stability he moved from house to house. Faith never lived in a house longer than two years in his life. Faith living with a chip on my shoulder as a child, begun to get into a lot of trouble getting suspended for fighting in school all the time. Faiths father raised him to never lose a fight,so he didn’t. Faiths mother and father fought all the time, One of them would always leave and one would stay. Raised in a house with four brothers and four sisters they hade to sacrifice a lot. As a kid He watched his brothers sell drugs and do them.Then he began to do them to wile in high school. He was kicked out of two schools for fighting and bad behavior. The last school Faith got kicked out of told his mother by 18 he would be dead or in the penitentiary. By 17 He was sailing crack cocain. By 18 He had a child and caught his first dope case. He beat that case after 4 months in jail on an illegal search. By 20 He was in jail for a robbery but that cased was dismissed because the witness would not testify. By 22 He was caught for another case for assault with a deadly weapon and he served 8 months in jail.. Faith was snow balling down hill in his life and eventually became an atheist. He didn’t believe that the God his mom served was real because of all of the struggling his family went threw. But God loved him so much that at the age of 24 God came down and spoke to him in the mist of his sin with dope on him. Faith surrendered to him and haven’t turned back since. Faith wants you to know through his music that God loves you threw it all and it’s never to late for change. “If you feel him knocking at your heart let him in, it’s peace on this side, Mobn” God bless.


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