NEW Music & NEW Video From Xplicit Called.. WORK.. filmed by “Director of the Year”, Trevor Lee Films, you may also remember him as a member From the Houston TX Rap Group Manna House Souljas. this Record was meant to tell & showcase the hard work of a daily grinder. Xplicit says, “I just want to show that I work hard for the money that pays for my family’s life and my music.”12510746_10153682768844792_99900610_o

Ironically, Xplicit’s first name, Kyle, derives from an old Irish language, meaning “straight & narrow”. This is the exact opposite of where his life’s development began. Introduced to drugs and alcohol at the age of 12, Xplicit became addicted shortly thereafter. This lead to a continued “in & out” relationship with rehabs, halfway houses, institutions, and jail beginning at age 16, resulting in a criminally focused lifestyle that was necessary in order to fund his addiction. Now, he has been sober since July 29th, 2013 and uses music as a therapeutic tool to help him maintain his sobriety. Xplicit is not only a hip-hop artist but a well rounded musician. He learned how to play piano around the age of 6 which contributes to 75% of his beat production process today. He also taught himself how to play guitar and made the drumline as a freshman in high-school.

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