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Natalie Richardson aka “NRICH” is a Christian Rap Artist, song writer, model, and speaker that seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus in all aspects of her life. Just as God renamed many individuals in the bible, in 2013 after some very strenuous life events, Natalie received a revelation from God that she was going to experience a spiritual rebirth, thus giving her the name “NRICH”. Enrich is a verb that conveys an action, which means: improve or enhance the quality or value of. God has called “NRICH” to impart a sense of quality and value to his people, and to remind them of the many blessings he has already, and is going to provide. Just as God had turned things around for Natalie, he can surely do it for you.

Being a Central Texas Native, in 2012 Natalie moved to North Carolina to begin a new chapter in her life. But let’s rewind for a moment……. Natalie grew up in the church. Her father and mother were musicians, so she always had a love for music. Her parents and 4 siblings would always have jam sessions at home, and practice to sing for church. And eventually over the years, her father began his own church “Beyond the Veil Ministries” in Killeen, TX. She served on what she then called the “everything ministry”. Upon graduating high school and entering into adulthood, that’s when Natalie’s troubles began.

Romans 12:2 says “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”. And that is exactly what Natalie did not do. She had conformed to the world and got involved a spiraling life of sin. The next five years of Natalie’s life, she was consumed by emotions, legalities, and the spirits of anger, depression, recreational drug use, lust, perversion, fornication, soul ties, unforgiveness, and many other spiritual attachments. Even though many opportunities for death and confinement had knocked on her door, Natalie still did not change her ways and continued to live a life of sin, in and out of church, and focused on “gettin money” and wanting to be a secular rap artist and model.

In December 2007, while drinking and partying with some friends, a situation arose and Natalie ended up getting arrested. Luckily, she did not have to bring the New Years in being in a jail cell, but she did bring it in “PREGNANT”. Finding out she was pregnant was a huge eye opener for Natalie. Realizing what could have been really made her eyes open.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Feeling trapped in a life of sin, even though ashamed, Natalie began to regularly attend her father’s church. Over the next few years, chains began to be broken and Natalie had formed a real relationship with Christ. Just because an individual grew up in church, does not mean that they are growing in the church or Christ at that.

Heading on to new ventures and moving to North Carolina in 2012. Finally in 2013 God began dealing with Natalie about using her gifts. Even though at one point in her life her gifts and talents were perverted, God showed Natalie that His will was not for her to die with her purpose. Natalie began to write again, and God began revealing to Natalie that he was going to take her through a season. In 2013 she wrote a song called” Take it”, which was about taking your issues and problems to Jesus, in 2014 she wrote a song called “Overflow”, which was about the grace of God and how good He is, and in 2015, she wrote “Purpose”, which was about living your life for God, and not wasting what He has given you to fulfill your God given purpose.

Many people have been blessed by NRICH writings. She is asked all the time, when is she going to put out her first big project, but she would always say, when God says it’s time. She has been steadfast waiting for further direction from God, because NRICH is sincere about Gods will being done, and not her own. Natalie had been waiting for God to show her His next move. In December 2015, during a conference, God finally revealed to Natalie that it was now time for her to walk more freely in her purpose. It is a season for those that were once outcast, dirty, and broken to come forth and restore what belongs to God.



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