Born in the island of Martinique, in the Caribbean, StefanOtto has endured his share of trials, pulled from each dark moment by his most beloved form of expression: music. As if born for the purpose, with a built-in stage name to boot, StefanOtto turned to this form of expression in 1998, when writing turned to poetry, and ultimately into rap. Twelve years later, StefanOtto is gaining popularity on a local, national, and international level, being a well-known artist in Orlando as well as having completed a mini-tour in Jamaica, and performing in Rwanda for widows and orphans, where he helped translate French to English for the cause. StefanOtto is quoted as saying in an interview “everyone claims to keep it real yet they are still battling with reality and with their sense of identity,” which is a claim that is put to the test in his lyrics. StefanOtto’s first album “Novelty of Self”, centered around themes such as identity, world view, and the ironic novelty of one being themselves in both a cookie-cutter industry, and society. Officially released on September 30th, 2008 at Orlando’s Virgin Mega Store, and having been, in the words of Virgin, the “biggest turn-out they ever had for a local artist”, Novelty of Self features crowd favorites such as Broken Wing, Madinina, and one of StefanOtto’s most popular songs, Good Music, for which a video was recorded and was released via internet. 2008 was truly a major year for this prolific artist. In true productive fashion, StefanOtto, off the success of Novelty of Self, stepped back into the studio to work on his second anxiously-awaited project “N.O.S Reloaded”. His projects, to date, include a 3-song EP titled Mosaic, a mixtape titled Molting of Man, and his most acclaimed work to date, Novelty of Self. In the later end of 2009 he released “N.O.S Reloaded”. A four song remixed “EP” of some of the “Novelty of Self” favorites. Back again in the studio, the year 2011 will be a great year with StefanOtto’s highly sophomore album “Love Means War” being released. Discography -Mosaic EP (2004) -Molting of Man mix-tape (2006) -Novelty of Self album (September 2008) -N.O.S Reloaded EP (Oct 2009) -Love Means War (May 30th 2011)-Four The Love (Jan 19th 2016)                                      

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