I think a lot of times Christians for some reason find it weird to talk about the struggle of reading your Bible. That kind of stuff I really struggle with personally because I’m a go-go-go person and I hate reading, but really that’s no excuse for not doing stuff like that.

But I struggle with it, so “I’ll Keep On” was more of like, trying to do something different, have a little break in the album, but also a song that came out because that’s how I really feel. I do have a Bible that sits next to my bed, and I feel like I don’t really do much with it.

Honestly, I think it’s ridiculous what the Christian market is so sensitive about. If you’re too good or too scared to say that you struggle with reading your Bible, then you got other problems to worry about I feel like. That doesn’t bother me at all. This second album I said a lot more stuff. If that bothers you, I wouldn’t buy my second album.

NF is a beast on the MIC and his album Mansion will prove that , in which it finished 2015 the 25th highest-selling Christian project of the year and the second highest-selling Christian rap project of the year.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based artist NF has announced the release date and title, as well as unveiled the cover art, of his sophomore album on Capitol CMG Label Group.

NF will follow-up his label debut LP, Mansion, with the release of a project called Therapy Session on April 22

NF on Therapy Session

“I’m excited about it,” he said. “If you’re an NF fan and you like the first record, I think you’re going to love this record. You might like it more. I don’t know. It’s really grimy. It’s really in your face, kind of like the first record.

“But it’s also very diverse. I like different styles of music. I’ll listen to Ed Sheeran, and then I’ll listen to Drake. I just want to make an album that represents me, but also is different from what people are doing, and I think that’s what I’m doing. I’m pumped about the record.”

As the title Therapy Session suggests, NF said he will dive deeper into some issues he had rapped about on his previous project.

“On Mansion, I mention a lot of problems,” he said. “I feel like this next record, I go in to detail about some things I’ve been mentioning along the way — a lot more detail.”

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