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Terjean Saffold born November 9th 1987 in San Jose California. Moved to Stockton California at a young age. Since before junior high, rap has always been something I wanted to do. A group by the name of 3 Stackz was formed but fear struck and I never spoke up about joining so I stuck with what I was great at; and football became my number one love. As I got older, seeing the older guys and cousin with lots of money, nice clothes/shoes and cars, I knew right then and there I wanted the same. Getting to know   the older guys and my cousin more and more, I began to pick up selling drugs as well. With money comes parties and with parties comes women. With having a promising football career ahead of me, selling, partying and women became my distraction. The more I got into it, the more the guys I was running with either went to jail or worse. Talk about feeling alone and lost. I knew deep down God had something better for my life because I not only grew up in church,  my dad was and still is a pastor. I guess you can say my story is the prodigal son story. After many years of chasing money, God had me right where He wanted me. ALONE! He spoke to me while living in Alamosa Colorado and introduced me to a woman who took me to church with her. She introduced me to some of her friends and one of her friends asked me if I rap.  Sure enough, I recorded my first song. One song turned to a few. Coming home to visit (Stockton California), I went to a new years event at New Harvest church for a talent show where I saw a member of our group now perform. God told me to sit back and wait to reach out till my heart was completely His. Some time later, I reached out and the rest is history. I moved back to Colorado to finish getting my college degree in Education and Marketing. After graduating, I am here today fighting to be the best man I can be and to be a better Christian daily. God tells me daily to keep fighting and I will give you the desires of your heart. Been rapping for 5 years strong now and doing it with a mission and purpose. I listen to a rapper by the name a Bizzle a lot. God Over Money is what I will continue to live by and being a Rebel for Christ because money does not last forever but God lasts for eternity!

mikerezenI want to thank God for all that He’s done, is doing, and is going to do. I want to use the gifts and talents that God has given me to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ because this world is in need of a savior and I know there are so many out there that are in search of someone they can relate to. This is a spoken word I wrote about my journey with God, I pray it can encourage you to have FAITH and stay strong. Godbless


It’s crazy, kind of amazing when I think about the life you’ve gave me. And though the trials may have phased me, and I got lost within a daydream, you woke me up with a promise and not a maybe, if only I would answer the call. If only we would answer the call….. “God is love, the Holy Spirit bares fruit, and the self righteous and wicked will fall” all familiar phrases in my life, but my heart had no understanding at all. But now I’m standing in awe, of all the things that you have shown me. Real recognize real, I’m in the realness of your love and I don’t recognize the old me…… How ironic, I was only tryna prove I wasn’t phony, thinking “God you just don’t know me, see I been hurting for a minute and you choose to leave me lonely. Plus church is for the holy so I’ma kick it with the homies.” How ignorant of me to think you didn’t see the whole me, pushing you away and you were offering to hold me. Gambling with the devil “royal flush” before he fold me. Scold me , mold me, teach me how to believe. Teach me how to walk and teach me how to see. See it’s easy to talk, but it’s harder to listen and everything I was doing was not portraying a Christian . See I was down with the lost, tormented inside and everyday I awoke I steady wrestled with pride, but He has His thumb on the pulse and impeccable timing. We all know that He’s Lord, I’m just here to remind you.

rezrezenMy Name is Alex Valenzuela , I go by Rezen . I was Born July 29th 1985, I’m a PK , My Father is Pastor Art
Valenzuela from New Harvest Christian Fellowship in Stockton Cali. So I was raised in church but that didn’t mean I was perfect. It almost seemed that I was worse because I was a Pastors Kid , but maybe that
was just because of what was expected of me . I Lived the Life of a Prodigal . Did a ton of different drugs, I was a womanizer , got a DUI, I would give my parents a hard time because I knew how much they wanted me to serve God! But I was bitter and would drown my problems in Alcohol and the Weed . I was in and out of church but never really
committed myself . Music runs on both sides of my family , so I’ve always sang and Rapped ,started recording at the age of 11 , made my own beats playing the piano and drums mostly. I always had a passion for making movies too because I’m a day dreamer . I wasted so many years of my talent writing songs about disrespecting women ,smoking
and popping pills and all the sin we were caught up in. I knew deep down inside that it was only temporary so I
never pushed the issue to go out and try to be underground famous or anything and the tools and connections were all there. I always thought to myself the last thing I wanna do is make it harder for myself to surrender to God later on when I’m finally ready to. I knew that I could never fully surrender to God all the way Until I got married , so when I finally met my wife we partied and I let her go out with her girls and I stood back at the crib with my homies and smoke and drank and we’d get in the studio because I was more laid back. Had plenty or conversations with God as I was throwing up in the toilet saying this is the last time. It really wasn’t a healthy relationship for me and my wife, we almost divorced and we already had my 1st daughter and I always told myself I never wanted to have a broken family so I said “this is my rock bottom” Lord , I surrender. I been serving God ever since then , but my wife hasn’t surrendered yet, She will soon .So now I just use my mess and turn it into my message by making music and movies trying to spread the Word of God by any means possible.


I was born November 9th,1987 in San jose California. My father is Terrance Lee Saffold Sr. He’s The pastor at Greater Maranatha C.O.G.I.C (Church of God in Christ) in Stockton California. My whole life I’ve been raised in church and been told that the church was the way to go. Whatever we do, make sue its church. So, when i was about 10, my Dad became a Pastor. So there has always been this big stigma or label pre-say on us that we are supposed to act a certain way because my pops is the Pastor. But that’s never the case. I was an angry kind. always had a temper so i channeled that anger into football. So When I was 14 I was arrested for breaking and entering. I can remember the cops coming over to the house the same night to take me in and booking me. I can remember just sitting in the sell hours later and they tell me I was ratted out by my “so called friends” The next day i was released due to no evidence in the house of stolen property on my end and no finger prints. I knew i had did the crime but how i got out of it was a shocker to me at the time. A year later i was introduced to sex and that was the day i became a womanizer.And then the following year I was introduced to weed. So in the matter of 3 years. I was introduced to stealing, women, and weed. Little did i know that was a bad combination for the future. So as I’m getting into High school. Im on the football team and setting records at Weston Ranch High School. In high school my focus wasn’t on the weed and the stealing it was focused on women. I mean everyone was doing it so I was having my fair share of womanizing. I graduate high school and i end up going to Laney College in Oakland CA and there i was introduced to selling weed. Even though i wasn’t apart of selling, i seen how the game worked for the most part. Towards the end of my two years at Laney, i meet a girl at church in Hayward and from there it seems like life took me in a deeper hole. I did my two years at Laney. Graduated, and moved to North Carolina on a football scholarship. I get injured and i thought football was done for me. So i move to Atlanta with my girlfriend from the church. We get engaged and that’s when I’m reintroduced to selling weed. I never thought people from other states thought Cali weed was so great. So i link up with some friends back home and I’m just getting it shipped with ease. I mean that was our way of paying rent. A couple years into the relationship, i just couldn’t take her anymore. So i called it off. So as I’m calling it off i get another shot at football. I get a call from a coach in Colorado to play ball. So I move there for a new beginning. Little did i know, its the weed capital of the Nation because its legal. So my life turned into School, football, and weed. The same cycle i just left. So in this process i meet people who never had Cali weed. So i ended up getting back in the game. So i chose to do that instead of taking care of my body for football. I end up injured and my Life was just dealing and school. But shortly after just dealing. I was wasn’t even in church. Then depressing set in because i felt like i was wasting my life and i had no way out of it. So, I’m talking to my pops and a nice girl i was seeing at the time and i needed a new start. I don’t finish school and moved to Orlando Florida when i go to film school. That whole time there I stayed clean from weed and just focused on this new start. In this isolation stage God is just dealing with me rebuilding my mind for a task i had no clue i would be asking for today. In this process. God planted the vision of starting a group to help build his Kingdom. I graduated from film school with my degree in Digital Sound and Media. I move back to cali after 7 years of hardship. I Like up with one of my High School classmates. And come to find our, he’s in the trap game tough. So I tried to start a film company with him. things were going good.I ended up selling again and 3 months later, he gets hit with a gun charge. So now I’m stuck with no clue of what the next move is. So i put the camera down for about a year and a half and that’s where my brother introduced me to Alex Valenzuela(Rezen). Ever since then, The fulfillment of Rebel Group Ent. has taken off. I was never a rapper. I dont even consider myself a rapper now. But i want to lead anyone i can to Christ that has been through something and want a chance of eternal life! Torijean Saffold(YP)

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