News of the poisoned water crisis in Flint has reached a wide audience around the world. The basics are now known: the Republican governor, Rick Snyder, nullified the free elections in Flint, deposed the mayor and city council, then appointed his own man to run the city. To save money, they decided to unhook the people of Flint from their fresh water drinking source, Lake Huron, and instead, make the public drink from the toxic Flint River. When the governor’s office discovered just how toxic the water was, they decided to keep quiet about it and covered up the extent of the damage being done to Flint’s residents, most notably the lead affecting the children, causing irreversible and permanent brain damage.That’s just a fact. If you have been in Flint anytime from April 2014 to today, and you’ve drank the water, eaten food cooked with it, washed your clothes in it, taken a shower, brushed your teeth or eaten vegetables from someone’s garden, you’ve been exposed to and ingested its toxins. When the media says “9,000 children under 6 have been exposed,” that means ALL the children have been exposed because the total number of people under the age of 6 in Flint is… 9,000! The media should just say, “all.” When they say “47 children have tested positive”, that’s just those who’ve drank the water in the last week or so. Lead enters the body and does it’s damage to the brain immediately. It doesn’t stay in the blood stream for longer than a few days and you can’t detect it after a month. So when you hear “47 children”, that’s just those with an exposure in the last 48 hours. It’s really everyone.There’s More Than the Lead in Flint’s Water. In addition to exposing every child in the city of Flint to lead poisoning on a daily basis, there appears to be a number of other diseases we may be hearing about in the months ahead. The number of cases in Flint of Legionnaires Disease has increased tenfold since the switch to the river water. Eighty-seven people have come down with it, and at least ten have died. In the five years before the river water, not a single person in Flint had died of Legionnaires Disease. Doctors are now discovering that another half-dozen toxins are being found in the blood of Flint’s citizens, causing concern that there are other health catastrophes which may soon come to light. SO PLEASE PRAY FOR  FLINT


“Rallee Smiff” Aim’s to Raise Money and make Many aware of water crises in Flint, Michigan here his statement

In some way, we all have been affected by the tragedy going on in Flint, Michigan. Rather we have family that resides there, or we know of people from there. Maybe, your hearts are heavy knowing there’s a community in need of a basic necessity in life in the form of clean healthy water. It’s more than bottled water they need. The city of Flint need love and support as well! They need for us to stand with them in this time of need to bring forth justice and awareness! It was heavy on my heart to show my support through music and raise fund to give to the people in Flint. Remember, it can be you in this situation. ALL DONATIONS will be given to support Flint, Michigan. Even if you do not have a DONATION, still DOWNLOAD the song and SHARE to help give our brothers and sisters some support. Continue to ‪#‎PrayForFlint‬ and God bless yall.

Thanks again,
-Rallee Smiff



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