Kyle Buckley aka Vocal Assassin (VA) Born In Detroit Mi, Currently Living/ Raising My family in Monroe Mi.- Married with Four Children & A Purpose!

V-A – The youngest out of 5 older siblings  ( +a Younger brother now) became extremely interested in making music at 12 years old. Living in a house full of Musically inclined siblings/family I was always told I the things I was Not good at “Rapping,Singing, etc” Always the last to be chosen more than less completely over-looked.
Around the age of 14 until 19- I became completely involved in the streets, Selling Drugs, Drinking. Smoking, Fighting, Partying, making Music that glorified evil desires & honestly doing anything that defied the Lifestyle of being a Christian.  Long story short I spent Years, In and out of the Youth Center, which turned into doing a total of 14 Months in Jail before the age of 19. After I got out of Jail, God was really drawing me closer to him but I continued to Fight and rebel. August 29,2011- I  pulled over with 100+ Ecstasy Pills, Vicodin, Perks and Marijuana.. There were numerous officers who arrived on the scene. I was hand-cuffed and thrown on the Hood of the car, the Lead Officer was (I Believe ) A  Sargent for the Detroit City Police Department. He ended up grilling me about my decisions, making comments about how I was “following the wrong people” probably ” scared, crying out to God” and overall just giving me what I deserved.. In that moment I felt the weirdest sense of peace I had ever felt, I thought “Finally I have nothing left, i’m going to prison but everything will be alright, when I get to where i’m going I’ll make things right with God”

To wrap Up this Story the Sargent ended up pulling me off the hood of the police car, off the dash cam view, taking off my hand-cuffs, handing me the bag of drugs and telling Me “I Feel Like God is telling me to let you Go, Take this bag, crush it into powder, kick it down that drain and find out who you really are”.. I had never been let off easy ever in my life, always felt like I “never caught a break” In that moment The Love, grace and Mercy of out father in heaven was Revealed in my Life.. I ended up going to College, Meeting My Wife, together Coming to Christ, Transitioning into Christian Music and Now we are Both almost 4 Years solid as Children of the Most High!!
My Ministry is dedicated to the streets, I was living in the darkest times of my life and The Light of Christ is the Only thing that was able to draw me out.. My heart’s desire is to see people who are addicted set free, see the Hopeless Find Hope in Christ, The Restless find Peace in Christ, The Weak and weary find Strength in Christ.. My Aim is to Reach those living in the darkest storms and Be That Light that they need to Over-Come through the Love & Truth of Jesus..  One thing I want to leave with ANYONE who READS this.. Focus on Progress.. God Calls us to “Progression over Perfection” One day at a time, Praying for your Grind! #BeALight #HumbleServant 

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