Sometimes you get the opportunity to write about something you actually have genuine love for. This happens to be one of those times, not just my love for Bryann T but my love for true Worship. Can you remember the first time you felt conviction, mercy, or even God’s grace? Worship comes from a place of desperation and the yearning to please God. The CHH platform is enlarging daily, but sadly without the leaders needed to guide the nation to the land of milk and honey. Where are the King Davids? I know rap is a gift from God that can be utilized as a pretty and shinny lure to catch huge fish. Once the fish is in the boat how do you teach it to please God? One simple answer WORSHIP.

Bryann T’s Sophomore album “Kingdom Psalms” is a combination of unreleased tracks and his often viral prayer calls in full song form. This album is very unique. When worship comes to mind you imagine the only way to worship is through singing. Bryann T shatters that mold on “Kingdom Psalms” deep worship is manifested via singing and smooth mellow rap lyrics. The atmosphere is set from the very beginning of “Kingdom Psalms”. Sing of Your Mercies brings grace, mercy, and conviction to the table from the beginning of this awesome work of art.
“Kingdom Psalms” has some of the more timely features Kingdom Muzic has brought to the table thus far. Features include artist such as; Sevin, Antwione Hill, Moe Grant, Monica, Montreal Richardson, and many more.
 Anyone familiar with Bryann T’s testimony can get a birds eye view as to how he was able to forgive the men who murdered his brother and overcome a life of darkness and demonic possession. His worship is what drives his ability to forgive and love on the level he demonstrates.
To date this is by far the best quality sound wise Bryann T and Kingdom Muzic has released. The album was mixed and master by Rize and Shine Audio Productions and Mathew Twine.

 This isn’t an album I would listen to for the first time in the presence of others. I’d wait until I could spend some quality time one on one with God, and I’d make sure to have the Kleenex handy. The emotions are inevitable when true worship takes place. On May 1st  “Kingdom Psalms” is a must have.
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