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CHH Female Hip Hop Cypher Review.

What happens when you put 5 of Detroit’s dopest female Christian rappers in front of a camera and drop a beat? Thanks to Porsha Love, Speez Louise, Ily Rap, Ty Cage and Lady Adamas we have learned the answer to that question.

Hip-hop and cyphers go together like chicken and waffles. A rap cypher by definition is simply a group of emcees rapping one after another. It is the perfect platform used to determine how one holds their own, manages their flow, and delivers lyrical punches. A cypher has the ability to either break or make an emcees career, and for these 5 ladies, this video has definitely been accomplishing the latter.

Porsha Love opens the video capturing our attention with her distinctive voice and a whole lot of personality! With lyrics like “Covered by HIS blood so the enemy can’t see us, blasting every demon, folding them like pitas”… it’s easy to see why her hit single “Purity Over Lust” is catching the attention of rap lovers both young and old.

“Ain’t no competition, we Christian’s on a mission, got an order from the Lord, now we running with HIS vision” is how Lady Adamas starts her verse making her rhyme and reason very clear.

Next up is Ty Cage who rides the beat as if her voice is another much needed instrument blended in the track while delivering stand out bars such as “Saturate this beat, rep my Daddy til I D.I, E HIS name so sweet, why?, Come and rescue me boy…

Ily Rap reminds us that this isn’t just your average rap cypher with lyrics boasting about money, drugs, and violence but instead a group of women using their platform as an opportunity to “Scream G.O.D to everybody that they meet”

Last but not least is Speez Louise who delivers one of my personal favorite lines “Walking in authority, livin lives of maturity, purity spiritually, physically never in conformity” finishing the cypher with the punch line “Empire can’t handle the Kingdom”

This video not only has put Christian female rappers on the map in a major way with all of the buzz it has been generating, but it also makes us re-think the widely accepted stereotype of women not being able to unify. I can’t wait to see what’s next for these ladies.


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