Decyfer Brown

AFTER MORE than a two-year hiatus, the band Decyfer Down Has graced us with the release of (The Other Side Of Darkness) through The Fuel Music.

According to a press release, the band had opted to have a “no-holds-barred” take to (The Other Side Of Darkness) which aims to yield an informed decision to defeat its comfort zone.

In a statement, Decyfer Down guitarist Chris Clonts said that he knew every artist said that one was the best album they had ever done, however he believed that there was definitely some of the best sounding stuff they had done in a long time just because there were no limits. For the band guitarist, they could write about whatever they wanted to write, adding that they were not in a box.

Aside from Conts, Decyfer Down includes Brandon Mills on the guitar, TJ Harris on vocals/guitar, Benjamin Millhouse on drums, and Chris Furr on bass.


​​​Track-listing: Rearrange – Dead Skin – Nothing More – Believe In Me – Other Side Of Darkness – Beautiful Lie – Lifetime – Anchor Me – Don’t Walk Away – Burn Back The Sun


Off the bat the first Record Rearrange comes bursting wide open Straight out the gates with power. This pattern continues with a vast majority of the tracks on the album. I am captivated and drawn into the other side of darkness.  This killer track features a great cadence and heavy bottom end that accentuates the lofty vocals and chugging riffs.  (Dead Skin) adds more of heavy bottom end, compliments of Chris Furr’s bass.  The vocals take over and drive the track, especially when the chorus kicks in.  The song builds on the sound and feel of the opener.  (Believe In Me) is a sweet track that features a piano / vocal duet opening and slowly builds from there.  As the drums and guitars work their way into the mix, we are offered a beautiful Record that resonates with you every time you hear it. (Beautiful Lie) steps up and brings an awesome guitar sound thanks to Chris Clonts and Brandon Mills.  TJ Harris delivers some Amazing vocals on this Album, but they blend perfectly with the musical accompaniment.  (Anchor Me) is another really good heavy track that comes across with punch packing bass lines and guitars that come straight at you. we also get some of the strongest vocals on the Album form this record , creating one of my favorite tracks on the disc like every amp-ed up adrenaline rush, there has to be a period of mellower feelings. The Other Side of Darkness is no exception to this idea. (Burn Back the Sun) is a re-recorded track from the band’s debut disc. This track demonstrates  TJ Harris, talent and ability on one of the bands earliest hits, released prior to his joining the band & highlights the softer, smoother vocals along with calmer guitars and light percussion to really bring home the message of Jesus’ honest and passionate love for us. Another song, (Lifetime) features the slightest inclusion of string instruments to add musical diversity along with lyrics that I have decided are open to interpretation, either illustrating the love and commitment to be there for somebody as a friend or as our want and desire to spend time with our Savior and to learn more about His love for us. While the slower melodies are a nice touch, the core of the album is a straight up rock masterpiece of pure rock, I would say it’s there best album since (CRASH) Back in 2009 its safe to say….. There Back


 A 4.5 OUT OF 5 



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