After living 13 years homeless, getting sober and renouncing his gang affiliation, Sevin of God Over Money started to become comfortable.
“I actually got myself into a position, bro, I had a nice house, I’m straight, I was doing my thing,” he said at SXSW 2016.
During his Pray For My Hood tour in 2015, though, he felt God call him to make a change.

“When we started the Pray For My Hood thing, we went on a mission trip last year that took us to about 75 cities. But my whole thing was, if we not gonna be in the hood, I don’t even want to be apart of it,” Sevin said, “so I think out of the 75 cities, we might have only did maybe five churches, so you’re talking about 70 hoods that we hit. But while I was out there, the Lord was like, ‘Yo, when you go home, I want you to give your keys back to your landlord, and you’re gonna live on the street for me again.’”

“I understand why,” he added. “The way HogMob works, we’re in about 40 to 50 different cities across the country. We start different discipleship groups and in-home Bible studies and face-to-face discipleship, kind of like what my brother PyRexx does with Tre9 out there in Houston … We’ve been doing it for a long time, and that’s what the Lord wants from me. I’m a missionary. I ain’t no rapper. I’m a missionary that raps sometimes.

“There was a part of me that I think was trying to maybe get away from that a little bit and live the more domesticated, kind of comfortable life, and I praise God because he pulled me up out of that because this is where I’m most effective. If this is what the King needs, this is what I want to be. I gave the house up, gave everything up, sold everything, all my extra stuff and I’ve just been living on the road.”

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