Based On A True Story…
Lunch Tables tells the story of an individual seeking to find acceptance and identity in an environment that constantly tells them that they are not enough. Sound familiar? Although the main character in both the song and video is Viktory’s son, who is part Korean and part African American, this “True Story” is one we have all lived through.

Shot in Huntsville, AL by director Will Thomas, this powerful video exposes the racial and cultural divide in America. “We are a great country behaving like 7th graders in the lunchroom. “We isolate people with different ideas, backgrounds and skin color from one another. The answers to the issues that plague America today are, ironically, at the Lunch Table. Jesus ate with those that disagreed with HIM and extended open arms to HIS enemies. Real communication, sharing and a drive to truly understand cultural differences is where change in our nation will begin” explains Viktory.

Lunch Tables is a song that reminds us that we are loved just the way that we are by our Father and is also the first single off of the new album from Viktory titled “Tomorrow Came” releasing on June 17th.¬†The new album will deal with subjects such as this and more head on. For more information about Viktory or to pre-order “Tomorrow Came” please visit¬†
Review By: Tay


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