“Right now, in the midst of the growing racial tension in the world, “believers” will agree there’s only one thing that can save this country, and this world: God. That’s a conversation not often had in 2016, as America has preferred to detour from that mindset as a whole. There were countless tweets stating “Prayer won’t help us in a time like this” following the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings this week. And although the Bible does state faith without works is dead, faith should most certainly be the foundation.


In flies Dee-1. His fearlessness and his embracing of the responsibility that comes with having such a huge voice is a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop. His new Slingshot David mixtape validates this in a major way. Dee-1 has already navigated to amazing heights in a saturated rap game, with a style that’s certainly not status quo. Features from Lupe and Big Krit and an ESPN theme song, interviews on Sway, the list goes on. Back to his fearlessness and willingness to embrace his responsibility, Dee-1 can eventually become the voice of a generation. Listen to Slingshot David, those stories within can inspire. If “Sallie Mae Back” doesn’t inspire you to grind post graduation, then you just want to be in debt. If “No Car Note” doesn’t make you proud of your hoopty, then you just aren’t grateful to get from point A to point B. There’s beauty in the struggle, and even though that’s J Cole‘s line, Dee-1 still embodies that mindset.” – Shaq Cosse

Dee-1 took to his Instagram & stated, “Just being honest…On a day where I released a new mixtape meant to uplift people’s spirits, my own spirit is down and in the dumps right now because of these sad incidents.”

Dee is set to announce the national #SlingshotDavidTour,  That kicks off in September.  Slingshot David (The Mixtape) and the tour will feature viral hits “Sallie Mae Back” and “The Against Us Remix (Feat. Lupe Fiasco x Big K.R.I.T.)” and new records such as “No Car Note” and “No Gun.”



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