DJ Official, who health issues led to retire in 2014, is the The producer and DJ that has played an instrumental role in the rise of both Cross Movement and Reach Records, but behind the musical talents is a man who just underwent double lung transplant and heart valve repair surgery. He is recovering in critical but stable condition. To help with the undoubtedly enormous cost of such a procedure, his family has setup a fund for him at You-Caring please donate here



Statement from DJ Official

Another Lung Transplant Update (Great News!!!!!!)

For those who have been trekking with me theses past few years (5 to be exact) and hearing me speak about my health issues. I have an update. But before I do, I want to thank each every one of you for your prayers, kind words of encouragement and love that you have shown me and my family.

As I let you know a few weeks ago that on May 9th I would find out if i’m on the Lung Transplant/heart valve replacement list. And by God’s grace and mercy…….I got the news this morning that…..drum roll…..I’M APPROVED!!!!!!!.My wife and I were so messed up last night and nervous. I tossed and turned all night long. Plus, I was so out of it today. Until I got the news that they approved me. Now I’m in shock. LOL!

My wife got the call this morning that I was approved for a Lung Trasnplant/Heart Valve repair and next year a kidney transplant. 7 months of testing and 5 years of going through the unthinkable at times. Many prayers and tears have been shed to this point from me. Many times I asked the Lord to either let me go or heal me. That’s how much I was in pain many times. One thing I had to learn was that 1. GOD is in control 2. It’s on his time. 3. His will is perfect no matter what happens. 4. I was so selfish in my desires I could only look at what I wanted. Rather look at what it good great for GOD’s kingdom, my well being and humanity for that fact.

I thank you all for the prayers once again. It’s by your faith from all you that I recieved this praise report. GOD does heal. GOD does perform miracles.

So thankful to my wife Teresa Chu for sticking by my side all these years and being a warrior. Without her I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here. I love her and always will.

Thank You!

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