GodNation is a gospel rap duo made up of Chosen and Beast, repping the DFW area.

“You can’t put God in a box.” GodNation says they felt like the Holy Ghost isn’t just one thing. He is life, love, liberty, freedom, praise, worship, glory and perfection. He is a mix of everything we want and should strive to be. So what’s a better mix than a sluhsie? God made us all different but if we could ever “Slushie” each other (mix well and become a sweet offering to God) we could win. That’s why “This is a mix of that “Ghost (Holy Ghost) I think it’s time for a Slushie!”

Pyrexx even joined in on the “Slushie” hype in a video that can be seen on Chosen’s social media pages. That’s not where it stops though, Pyrexx loved the joint so much, he will be featured on the remix of SLUSHIE! The video was shot outside of a small, but very popular Sno-Cone stand, Sno Island Too, in Grand Prairie, Tx. Like most Texas summer days, it was hot, which was a very fitting location for such a song. A wide variety of local artists, dancers, videographers and djs came out to support GodNation and were happy to do cameos in the video. The video closed out with a good old-fashioned water balloon fight.

   The video was shot by Tru Miles and D.J. Purity. Cameos were made by P.S., M.O.G., DT DA REALIST, IE, TEAM JESUS JOE, MELLO RENEE, SELAH DANCE MINISTRY, OLYMPUS, LYRIK AND MODESTY.

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