When you ask Harmini about his life and testimony, this is what you will receive and be blessed by…

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At age seven I was molested by a local stranger who lived in our complex – the beginning of my personal life spiraling in a downward direction that was soon out of control. At age ten I began using drugs and was addicted and/or using up to 8 drugs for most of my childhood and teen years. When I was 15, our home was raided by the Elmira PD for drug trafficking; a second raid was conducted by Elmira S.W.A.T. when I was 17. For 12 years I ran the streets with thugs, local gang bangers, rappers, drug dealers and users. As the downward spiral of my life continued, it led to jail, then to prison. I ended up on probation four times during my teenage years and was hooked to the ankle bracelet for one year. I was placed in Glove house twice, rehab twice and was also hospitalized more than a dozen times for drug over dose and suicide attempts, having my stomach pumped several times with black charcoal. I was placed in detention homes, drug programs and respite homes numerous times. My repeated delinquent behaviors as a wayward child built me the reputation of an unreachable heathen without hope for change. All of these activities, including the jail and prison terms, occurred before I was 21 years old.

While approaching the final two months of incarceration, I received word that my mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Two weeks before my scheduled release, she lost the fight she’d briefly warred. My brother, Anthony, promised our mom on her death bed as she was approaching that golden hour that he would try his hardest to be patient with me and to take care of me when I got out of incarceration. He met me at the opening gate of the jail facility and that very day took me under his wing, in hopes that he might give me a chance to pick up the broken pieces of my shattered life.

In spite of the answer many people didn’t want to hear and accept, they all sat in the front row seats of my life as they witnessed first hand all of the hardcore drug addictions that had me chained and bound in a dungeon of sorrows for 12 years of my life. Then, after being put in program after program lock up after lock up therapy after therapy year after year time and time again and seeing that nothing that was given to help me really had the power to bring me the freedom I so desperately needed. Then all of a sudden in such a short period of time (less than two months) they witnessed these massive addictions just suddenly begin to fall powerless behind me. At that time I began pursuing what was responsible for this transformation… Jesus Christ. I found God (Jesus Christ) in the summer of 2005. My life began to change so fast and so dramatically that people couldn’t keep up with the transformation. And even though many saw it happening right before their very eyes, they did not want to except or receive my testimony as to who it was that was responsible for what was happening to me. Any answer would do… except Jesus. Tell me anything you want to tell me… but just don’t tell me the Truth, don’t tell me it was Jesus.

Harmini is in the process of finishing his album in September, titled “Mixed Messages”. In addition, he has a tour coming up in Nov-Dec, that will also be booking well into 2017. His last music video released was “Come Home”, and his latest song released is called “When I Get To Heaven”.

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Story by Mello Renee


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