index2 The recent release of Bizzle’s new project Crowns & Crosses has sparked a conversation about the realities of being an artist with his God Over Money fans. In a recent newsletter, Bizzle details the shocking differences between a fan purchasing a physical or digital copy of any GOM release versus streaming through the likes of Spotify or Apple Music.

He begins with the staggering reality that it takes 1,500 streams to equal that of one album sale. For example, if 100,000 fans stream the entire 18-track project we know as Crowns & Crosses, that would equal 1,800,000 streams. However, the sad reality reveals 1,800,000 streams equate to only 1,200 album sales based on the 1,500 streams per album model. Bizzle and CHH artists across the industry have reason to do whatever is necessary to promote their own album sales instead of encouraging streaming for free.

In the same newsletter, Bizzle took the conversation a step further and touched on a topic that’s plagued the entire music industry since the days of and Napster back in the late 1990s: piracy. Bizzle offered the following statement on the topic after discovering his new album on a bootlegging site: “I can’t front, because of how much I put into my music; sharing my own pain, struggles, tears with you guys… it messed with me a bit. I thought about how many people will go to a restaurant and spend $10 for food it took 10 minutes to prepare, but then steal an album that it took a whole year to create, as if it’s not worth that same $10. Now as always, I expect the world to do what the world does.

But if you are a Christian, I expect you to support the movement and our efforts to bring change through music. And I’m not saying this just for me, I’m speaking for EVERY CHRISTIAN ARTIST who invests time, money, and resources into what they do: please support the artists you would like to see stick around.”

You can purchase Crowns & Crosses by Bizzle on the GOM’s main site,

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