MadeSacred formerly known as Shook C is a veteran in the game of Hip Hop having been rapping for over 17 years and has been on the move since 2013 as a Christian Hip Hop artist. His latest album “SEVENTEEN” was released on June 7, 2016 and has been doing very well since. His hustle has been noticed by artist’s such as Sevin and more. As an artist he is extremely focused on his career and proves this with his actions. He is self taught in beat production, photography, videography,  editing and marketing.

Each day is considered a blessing by MadeSacred because of where God has brought him out from. Everything he does he does as if there is no tomorrow. His sophomore album “Dynamic” released on February 18, 2017…..his birthday! In 2015 MadeSacred and his manager Aidan Littlefield founded OmniGod Music (promotions) and OmniGod Music Group (label) with the intent to push and promote their fellow Christian Hip Hop artists in a way that nobody had ever done before.”There is definitely competition within CHH and that is what I plan to destroy in Jesus name. I just couldn’t stand around watching my brother’s and sister’s in Christ get pushed around anymore.”MadeSacred says of the industry. OmniGod is strictly by the artists for the artists after God’s own hear

NOW LET’S GET INTO HIS ALBUM DYNAMICMadesacred comes right out the gate with a Sold 12 track Album,that is sure to blow your mind just as he did mine when he started out the Album with a heartfelt prayer with a blues fell in the background that set’s it off.Then he hits you with (WE HERE) which is a sold record and he makes a statement that say’s we here not going to be afraid and im here to make a standnext record that stands out as a flagship song is called (GOOD DAY) a Straight summer day ride to record that is nothing but fresh…Then you have (FRIEND’S) is solid record that keeps it all about family holding each other down now matter how bad it can we have A track that is BAR”s yes i mean he came with some heat on (LIFE I LIVE) as Madesacred tell it how it is and how he plans to keep it God,Family,Hustle Real Talk. Check out the video

them we come to a break in the Album called (JAH) i fresh funk reggae Record-that is out the Box but it works very well.

now have have a fresh Joint called (EAST 2 WEST) with Holy Loc and Enkourage a straight West-coast vibe type of joint that is street but yet rep’s the king and is a straight ride with the top down to Madescared drops some jewels on (WE MADE IT) and R.A.D. kill’s it with a super dope flow and verse that talk about making it out the Everyday hustle that the streets provided him.And just when you think its over he hit’s you with another smooth Joint (RIDE WIT ME) and is another Flagship Record on the Album Next he switch’s it up with (PUT IN WORK) with 3PFD and the Title speaks for it self but the hook is different its like an old school Jugglo feel love it. After that you have a record called (NEVER CHANGE) here is a auto-tune record that is deep and soulful and despite my dislike for auto-tune it fit’s the Album a record to God that if in all he leave’s the world now that you find faith in the fact he will never change… next Madesacred wraps up the album with the very thing that started out the Album a heart felt prayer as the Album draws to the close…

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