God Over Everything Co -Founder & Owner Sells His Clothing Ministry label For 2.7 Million Dollars!
Kody Harris Sandoval who Government name is Julian Cody Harris the ministry label owner co founded his label ministry clothing line in 2014 wich was only a ministry at the the time wich was sold in 2017 to his Son and twin daughters mother Erika Costello. Wich Harris took back the rights when the passing of his Son & ex girlfriend passed away tragedy. Giving his daughters 25% percent owner ship wich they still own the Executive Producer Sold his rights ownership to music in a diffrent deal wich has not been disclosed. The Executive producer Ministry Clothing Store Owner who was shot twice in December from multiple Sources he was shot in the back & Chest wich nobody has been charged with the murder of one man & attempted murder of another man who is officialy paralyzed Harris who refused to cooperate with authorities never has had any comment about the situation that took place By the Owner store In late December 2019 Wich Harris group 7th Heaven is still signed to G.o.e. intell 2022 wich Harris Book titled Living a double life with the Devil 👿 & Documentary Ogden is still under the ministry label God Over Everything despite Saleing his Ownership Dec 28 2020 will be harris last day Co founding the Shop.

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