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Sevin of HOGMOB | Being An Outcast And The Ugly Side Of Christian Ministry

Download – Listen In iTunes In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Christian Rapper Sevin of HogMob. Sevin talks about being blacklisted from many christian circles but still never turning his back on the purpose at hand. Over the years Sevin has built a wide following of believers who do not seem to fit into the typical church norm. Covered from head to toe in tattoos Sevins ministry often caters to those within the gang culture. Original Post Here Sevin of HOGMOB | Being An Outcast And The Ugly Side Of Christian Ministry Ex-Drug Dealer and Gangster Rapper Come To Jesus |...

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Sevin Drops -Pray 4 My Hood Vol 2 (CHURCH IN THA JUNGLE)

Man what can i say Sevin is more then an artist, in fact if you ask him, he will tell you its a tool to reach the streets, he is not about light’s and fame he his street if you were to see him in the street’s you would be like yo that an OG right there lol. but lets be real any one that knows sev will tell you he is the real deal dont believe me check out his latest project. Message From Sevin AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! ON ITUNES AND AMAZON!!! support tha movement and the ministry…. share...

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CHH Artist Tre9 and his ministry helps Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston

Hip-hop missionary Tre9 is pulling together his resources with Eyes On Me Inc to bring donations and help to Houston, Texas in order to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Christian hip-hop scene is enormous in Houston and Texas as a whole and this is one way to support them and the communities they minister to. “Many of the communities we serve are underwater and the volunteers who serve with us have been impacted as well. We will use 100% of these proceeds to provide direct assistance 5th Ward, Southwest Houston, Brookshire, Homestead, Greenpoint, Sunnyside, Bay City, and...

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